Friday, March 24, 2006

all about a book and a movie

There are very few books that leaves u with some kind of satisfaction
when u r finished
and fewer still which leaves u both satisfied and tingling.
when that happens
its a true masterpiece.
"Pride and Prejudice" is the only novel i've read so far which has done this.
closley followed by "God of small things"

Well when such a novel is made a movie, one expects all those subtle sensations
to come alive in you.

I saw the latest version of P & P yesterday and.........
Kiera Knightely who plays Elizabeth Bennet carries the movie well
but she lacks that subtle dignity of Jane Austen's Elizabeth Bennet.

as for Mathew Macfayden who plays Darcy....
i would pick Colin Firth any day

the movie itself has failed to capture the romance of P & P
When i'm reading the book i can't wait to get to the pages of Pemberley.
but in the movie the scenes of Pemberley where these two are supposed
to talk and move in close quarters looks
clipped and a bit unfinished.
it was probably because of time constraint but to cut the scenes of Pemberley is almost unpardonable

the only part that was done very well was Darcy's proposal to Eliza.
they're outside
It is raining heavily and both are wet
and he proposes
the location is superb
sound effects of the rain were fantastic
it was just so perfect.

having said that i love the BBC production of P & P more
here is the link

(the images are that of Colin Firth who played Mr. Darcy & Jennifer Eyle who played Eliza in the BBC production)


At 3:03 PM, Blogger Simi said...

i love wat papa says in the end " i really wudnt have let u go to anybody less worthy"

and Kiera Knightely looks too beautiful for words to express. now remember, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. hehe.

At 7:13 AM, Blogger Preethi said...

i guess the story is too close to your reality my dear.


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