Sunday, March 26, 2006

All names are equal but some are more equal than the others

If u have ever named a dog or a band or well...
just about anything for that matter, read on.....

For a start i love my name.
Preethi means 'love' in sanskrit.
Isn't that cool?

In India with so many diverse cultures, castes etc.
naming the right name becomes very difficult.
Christians are blessed i suppose,
their names are more equal!!
But in Hinduism just a name alone can put u in the suave bracket,
an ordinary one or even an embarrasing one.
know wat i mean.
its difficult explaning really. Its a kind of socio-cultural thing!
watever that means.

and this is precisely why, naming a dog, a band anything is fun.
the whole cool-uncool, name-game thing is all in the head. Right?

i think if i ever own a dog i'll name him "Highway"
taken ofcourse from 'Bridges of Madison county'.
(wat a marvellous book that was)
actually i did have a dog for a while and i had named him 'Snowy'
u know from the Tintin comics.

as for my band
mmmm........haven't thought much about it but hey..
did u know how all these famous bands like 'Nickelback'
and 'Five for fighting' got their names?
it is interesting u kno'

the lead singer of 'Nickelback' band was working with starbucks before
and he always had to pay the customers a 'nickel-back' for their cappucino
or some latee.
he was so used to doing it that when they had to name their band it just popped
into his head and he thot it was just perfect. now that's a story uh....

'Five for fighting'. There are two versions for this apparently.....

  • The lead singers mother walked in on the boys while they were wrestling (yeah right) on the beds (they set them up in the room like WWF) (this was a sin in this household), she couldn't think of anything to say as she was in such disgust , she pointed at her son, pointed outside and said 'five for fighting' - the boys cracked up and it stuck. Submitted by: Jayle
  • The members of the band liked hockey and one day were playing when two of them got in a fight. The lead singer was one of them and his friends gave him five minutes in the penalty box for fighting. They just picked the name from that. Submitted by: tbuck
isn't this all fun. yah equally funny he he heeeeeeeeeeeeee


At 2:56 PM, Blogger Simi said...

well... am very happy calling pets by indian names. cos they belong to an indian family. he's ranga (fawn lab).

there's something rustic about nativeness.


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