Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Vacation Continued...

After an almost ethereal stay in Munnar it was time to see the real Kerala. A four hour drive took us to Allepy. We stayed in a hotel named 'Cardomom Estate'. A restful night and a glorious morning was ahead of us. We were promised that we can spot wild animals (tigers, leapords and such) if we take the early morning ferry through the waters. The animals come there to drink water. Apparently, not one was thirsty that morning. All we spotted were some birds looking all solitary yet free.

Periyar National Park

Again, the scenery was the same all around us. Does it really matter if there were no animals?All i did was close my eyes and listen to the morning calls of the animals that rose above the soft humming of our engine. Absolutely fantastic.

After Tanya's afternoon nap we were off to see her favourite animal, the elephants. She calls them 'Naithu'

That is Tanya on Naithu's lap! Doesn't she look all cosy and comfy? I will be posting more from this foto session later.

Here, Tanya's dream came true. An elephant ride through the jungle!

Our vacation was at its final lap now. Kumarakom it was. Mixed feeling crept in. I felt like enjoying every moment of this while it lasted but i just couldn't shake off the thought that a couple of days later i'll be stepping into my reality. But reality was far off from where we were heading.

That's Lake Palace. No road leads to this place. All we did here was take relaxing boat rides.

Waiting for the ferry.

The Sun Sets.


At 9:03 PM, Blogger Chandru said...

hey nice to hear abt the vacation but where are the pictures in the second posting?

At 1:29 AM, Blogger Preethi said...

i have tried twicw to bring the fotos on page. For some reason it is not appearing here. will try again later


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