Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The walls have opened...

The walls have opened...

The walls have opened ,
the mist has come in,
the stars have sunken,
and the waters are drunken
with wrath, lust, envy
waiting to gush in
twirling and twisting
from beyond the misty mountains,
behind the terrain
from below the valleys
and by the trees,
waiting to gush in.
The earth has shaken
but what really did happen?
alas! the walls never opened,
they were broken.
Broken to let the water come in.
not gush in.
The walls were broken by men
and women.
to let the waters flow in.
NOT gush in!

This is what the media is doing today.
Making the good look bad and
the bad look good
as and when they please.
When all are done reading, writing and
fighting against reservations
you could click on this link.
It might perhaps bring about a teeny tiny
change in your perspectives. GL.



At 4:39 PM, Anonymous Chandra Mohan said...

Each side has their own point and both points seem logical in different ways. Unless we try each others shoes i don't think itz possible to understand what the other side is saying.

At 11:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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