Monday, April 10, 2006

lights off!
blinds down!
it's movie time.

After a lot of soul searching i came to a conclusion.

'Lord of the Rings' triology has to be the best movie(s).
( i just cudn't pick one really, so i take it as the ONE)

'The league of extraordinary gentlemen' the worst.
(there was absolutely no difficulty here!)

As for LOTR those who've seen it and gotten into it will know
that there is not a single entity in the whole movie that wasn't a 100%.
( i hate the term more than 100%, it is ridiculous)
Anyway, the other day (watever day that was) i saw this pink-headed
interviewer ask Peter Jackson (actually he was not pink-headed, i'm just so mad at him!)

If you had the chance to just improve one scene
what would that be and how will you improve it?

Jackie looked ready to thrash him then and there.
(improve!! yo pink-head, that is why i'm here and you are there!)
i just wish he had said that but he just smiled and said..
(believe it or not i didn't pay attention to his reply!
i was still so mad at that P-H.)

Now coming to LOEG
oh my God! that's the worst movie ever made or what?

You know until i saw that movie i seriously thought that production and
casting is everything. 'Timeline' was a great book but the movie production was so bad
that it glowed
up-down-right-left-centre everywhere.
so a great story got royally screwed.

But LOEG changed all that,

You know what the tagline should've been : A Tragedy
(or a tragi-comedy he he ee i think that's even better)
a tragedy that'll make you laugh! ha ha haaaa

Cast overview, first billed only:
Sean Connery .... Allan Quatermain
Naseeruddin Shah .... Captain Nemo
Peta Wilson .... Mina Harker
Tony Curran .... Rodney Skinner (The Invisible Man)
Stuart Townsend .... Dorian Gray
Shane West .... Tom Sawyer
Jason Flemyng .... Dr. Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde
Richard Roxburgh .... M
Max Ryan .... Dante
Tom Goodman-Hill .... Sanderson Reed
David Hemmings .... Nigel
Terry O'Neill .... Ishmael
Rudolf Pellar .... Draper
Robert Willox .... Constable Dunning
Robert Orr .... Running Officer

With so many people everyone got lost i think.
The production cost must be pretty decent but...
just when you think it couldn't get any worse it does.

You should observe the dialogues and the dialogue delivery
Naseeruddin Shah states the obvious always,
Sean promptly follows suit.
It begins pretty ok, but don't be deceived,
you'll not be dissappointed. you'll have your laughs.
roaring, roaring laughter.......

ok that's enough bitching for the day i think.
anybody got any more bitching about any movie
you are welcome to leave them in the comment box.


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