Monday, June 26, 2006

What if?

One can get away with all the ridiculous ideas
just by pre-fixing those with' What if?' right?

for instance,
What if someday the sun rises in the west?
What if ours is actually the world of the dead and
the dead are the ones who are actually living??

all such questions which stand on a really thin wire wobbling
some where between idiocy and imagination find their way
in those science fiction movies and thrillers and even books.
But today is not the day we'll be discussing about its stupidity
but a brand new one... ;)

What if there was only one government which governed the entire world?

tut tut tut.... before anybody tries to form any statements,
arguments as to why this isn't possible and how stupid and impractical this whole idea is
well..... just hear me out first.

1. This will not be right now. It will evolve.
If evolution can happen to create perfect human beings (that's subjective i agree) from just a teeny tiny cell, we'll all have to rethink on what we consider as possible and impossible in this world.

2. All the fiscal problems will be solved with single currency system (SCS) ofcourse but before that there is a major problem to be addressed which brings us to point no.3.

3. The demarcation amongst first, second and third world countries could be erased
if only India is let to make a call on that! Reservations of course. (I'm for it by the way) .

4. The population should be distributed almost equally. You know, spread out.
It could start with Rs. 10,000 per person to go to any european country!
No passport or Visa required since the whole world is yours. Just pay for the tickets.
And what's more, those governments which pay their citizens to make
babies in their country will have one less problem to worry about right?
A Bihar from India would suffice. ( Canada and Australia could be helped right away)

5. The form of the govt. will be entirely new. i.e. neither democracy , communism, socialism
capitalism will rule the world. It will be a new form. And that needs to evolve as well as you might all have guessed.

(I had a discussion with people around me here and these were
some problems that could come up.)

Prob 1. Nobody would want to be here then, they'll all migrate to the US, UK, Europe etc.
Ans. After the evolution the whole world would be as pleasant or as dirty so there might not be much of a difference.

Prob 2. And how exactly is this evolution going to take place?
Ans. I don't have answers to all your questions, Why don't you come up with an idea for the start of this evolution.

Prob 3. If all the places look the same where will people go for vacations?
Ans.1. Virtual reality.
Ans 2. Travelling to other planets.
Ans 3. Since each country's history has been different there would still be different
historical stuffs to look at and enjoy.

Prob 4. Language problem?
Ans 1. A new language (english being heterogeneous could infact absorb more words from different languages and decide the best words to be used)
Ans 2. No language required for communication. It's all telepathic.
Ans 3. Translators could be attached to the brains at birth.

Eventhough the above is just a part of the conversation i had with a very patient man
you can all agree that i'm getting somewhere right? So how is the idea?


At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Chandra Mohan said...

Well you would be surprised if i told you that my dad proposed this idea about 6 years back he even sent a detailed letter to the UN about his idea and requested permission to come and talk about this in the UN council. Having one Common government for all countries and no boundries watsoever.
I told him this 6 yrs back and i will say it again, it will never happen in the near future coz all of us have pride in being part of a country so no one wud wanna give that up. But if it has to happen then it will only happen when we humans are attacked by an alien civilisation, thatz the only time where we all will get united :-) and make a stand. Watch out for ET Preeths!!

At 2:48 AM, Blogger Preethi said...

yo vig i agree that it will not happen in the near future. But it is definitely not 'pride' that will pose an acute problem here. Resistance to change, maybe!

At 9:19 PM, Blogger Sathish said...

:).. mmmm... Why do we think.... that we need to be governed??!! :-?


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