Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Her treasures...

Torn hutch bill (she likes the logo. My guess is because it looks like 3 birds flying)

The red outer Kit Kat cover ( colour perhaps)

Broken pens ( no clue why)

Tissue paper, torn to pieces ( mmmm.... maybe she feels all powerful tearing it to pieces)

Yesterday's cooked rice which is all dried up ( i tried it and found that it gets kinda chewy when you put it in the mouth!)

My hair clips. ( sole purpose of driving me nuts ;) and she tries it on secretly in front of the mirror he he heee)

Aravind's car keys ( purely to drive him nuts!! i like that)

House key!! ( tries to lock the already locked door from the inside!)

T V Remote ( shows who the real master is)

At any point of the day one can find atleast one of these in her hands.
One gets the feeling that it is difficult to raise babies right. You bet it is.

But....... think again....... 6 months back....her treasures were.......

used banish mosquito mat
soap water
any dirt lying around that'll fit into her mouth

All of the above has only one purpose
goes straight into the mouth and gets chewed or washed in until it gets unrecognisable
and a temperature of 101 the same night is a sure thing.

By the way the temperature always shows up at night, always!

Now am i not in a better position
Her 'purposes' have changed with her treasures.
Less of doctors and medicines and more of searching for things. But that's ok.

mmmm....i don't think i need to worry for a few years,
well,.... atleast until her treasure turns to the one and only all powerful plastic card that every woman loves to carry in her purse ;)

PS: Yes, am writing again. I hope to see a better 'me' this time.


At 6:54 PM, Blogger Maverick said...

Welcome back my friend itz good to c u writing again, keep updating me about the chronicles of Tanya she sure seems to be a handful. I almost envy you for having so much fun with her :) Dont forget to send her latest pics

At 2:46 AM, Blogger shylini said...

I do wonder why kids are interested with some of the things at home? You have put them beautifully in this article. I was amazed when my friend's kid was worried about a red empty box than the wonderful toy that was in the box :) Maybe the box can be used for variety of purposes than the toy ;)

At 2:24 AM, Blogger Preethi said...

There are many things i don't understand about her. I think that is why kids are so fascinating. They make sure you keep wondering .....wonder y.... y...y.... he he hee


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