Sunday, June 17, 2007

It is raining...

It has started raining here in Mumbai. And boy how lovely everything looks.
It is strange really but i feel a certain calmness that has comeover everybody.
And i don't think it is my imagination.
Somehow the world looks dreamy.
Most of them look skywards with a tiny smile.
Not very obvious but if you look for it, it is there.
I wonder what's on their minds?
When i see people soulfully happy all the bitterness that i carry seems to slip away.
This is what we must be doing.
Being happy. Remaining in the state of happiness for no particular reason right.

There is a huge window beside me here
and i can see bluish grey sky drizzling waiting to start a downpour.
mmmmm... i cannot miss it for the world.
Off i go with a cup of tea to my window seat. mmmm......