Monday, November 09, 2009

Dream on....

So, what is it about writing?
Really, what is it all about?

I read moving stories, i feel extremely touched by it, you can even find me weeping in a corner with a book in hand, trying to hide the tears but i will never ever be able to write a sentimental story or anything sentimental for that matter.

Just can't.
Not that i want to. Although my love of writing goes very far, too far sometimes.... ummm.............

I don't think i'm making any sense. Let's try that again people....

I hate reading newspapers. I hate it. When I was student of literature, i could never pick up a newspaper and read. Not even when i became a student of Journalism! You would think that one who loves to read would do it, but not me. No.
I tried several times, i keep trying but i know i am just pretending to be interested in NY Times while all i want to do is run as far away from reality as possible. I am not just the kind i suppose. Anything that reminds me of the reality that surrounds me can be uninteresting. I don't like conversations surrounding the sale at Macy's and JC Penny's. I would automatically tune off. Why? I do enjoy a good buy but hate to talk about it. Isn't that odd?
Forget the buying, it is the reading that really bothers me... 'Bothers' might not be the right word, it is the reading that 'irks' me. Are irks and bothers the same? I don't know, but I'm sure you get my drift.

So, here it comes, no realities, no newspaper, probably includes a lot of magazines, many novels, short stories.... all thrown out of the window. Lets see, what am i left with? Some Period Drama, Sci fi, Supernatural, sometimes even religious stuff if it carries some intrigue, sometimes a good mass fiction, yeah, that pretty much sums it up. But the only problem is, i like to read a well-written book. In these categories, period drama is easy, you'll find a lot of good material but in the other two categories, it could get challenging. Loved / love J.K. Rowling, like Asimov, Jeffrey Archer was interesting but what about a zillion other new/ old authors. Tried Salman Rushdie, couldn't go beyond 100 pages. maybe because, he talks about Indian history that is too close to my reality, tried Gabriel Garcia Marquez, started with 100 years of solitude, didn't like it. Eventhough it has a lot of aspects that i like, quirky stories, supernatural stuff, out of reality etc. etc., it still didn't cut it. Oh, did i say that i despise Dan Brown's books. Da Vinci Code was tolerable but not handsome enough to tempt me. Yes, love Jane Austen. I truly enjoyed Hitchhikers guide....... it was such a laugh. It had something very special. And surprise surprise love Arundathy Roy's, God of Small things. Me, an avid Indian writer hater, loved Roy's work, forgot the story completely, read it some 8 years ago, i just remember liking it so much. Her style of writing was awesome. I'm yet to come across a more original style. She truly stood apart. This you see defies my earlier theory of me not liking stories placed in the real world. God of Small things is very real, yet i loved it. Again liked kite runner and a thousand splendid suns. All very real. Alchemist was just okay. So you see my difficulty here, i find it extremely difficult to pick up a book to read. So damn hard. I end up reading the same books again and again, but then there is this element of fear that i should not end up being bored with the books i once loved. So i try not to over do it.

Is there a solution? Oh just remembered loved The agony and the ecstasy. That's it. Now that i have my dislikes and likes in dear old words, i want to pick up some 10 books and curl up in a corner and read. But i can't seem to find any that fits my bill. What do i do?

You'll find two big open cupboards in my rented apartment filled with books. Not one serves my purpose. maybe i should throw them all out you say? Nah, presents a great image of myself to my visitors so i tend to keep them all. How vain? I know. That's the absolute truth, stacks of books make me feel so good about myself. And everybody knows i enjoy reading but they should not think of gifting me with one, too complicated!

Well, suggestions, if people still pop in here now and then, are welcome! :)