Friday, March 05, 2010

How to make money?

Although I'm not crazy about self-help books, it does serve as a constant reminder that one has more to learn in this bad mad world.

But on second thoughts, is there? Really?

Lately I have been observing a few articles on Yahoo! and other popular websites. Let's just take the example of Yahoo! for this particular post.

The topics can be from 'How-to-save' to 'How to ask for a raise at work' to 'How to deal with boredom' to 'How to eat healthy ' to 'How to get a job' the list goes on. The topics are varied but the presentation is horrendously similar. And the content states the obvious! I mean really obvious!

Examples: How to get a job -
Suggestion by Yahoo!: Get a linkdin account, write a good resume with all the key words, Make a list of contacts you already know (duh!), send them your resume, float your resume on popular job sites (duh! duh! duh!) What the hell?

How to eat healthy-
Suggestions by Yahoo!: Eat green leafy vegetables, Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water per day, eat a handful of nuts, avoid fried stuff and lastly a 'surprise' bonus point which has nothing to do with eating..... EXERCISE!

If you had clicked on the Ad while you were at it, you just gave them some money for having wasted your time and testing your patience! Yahoo must really think readers are pretty dumb or maybe I am smart! (oooh.... i like that thought!)

Here is how you write an article which could generate MONEY pay attention!!
A very catchy headline. A small introduction. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 dumb points with a follow me on twitter message right at the end. And yes, a small photo of the contributor at the beginning. Sort of gives an authentic look for a really crappy article.

Now comes the big question. Topics to choose.....

1. Have a list of popular search topics that goes on in popular search engines. (use a search engine to get this list! - Do i have to tell you everything??)
2. Select topics which require no prior knowledge or skill of the subject (much like this one!)
3. Or select topics which require very little research. (If you were smart you'll pick one from this post!)
4. Get a thumping headline (ok..... a little creativity is needed here I agree)
5. Now write it as if you know what you are talking about.(Bloggers! we rock at it donchathink)

No, I do not have a twitter account! :D