Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Namesake!! Fresh ideas, where art thou?

Yes, it is about the movie.
Spoiler warning: Plot, ending discussed.

2 reasons for this post.
1.My prev. post's title was taken from that movie.
2.Hunting for new talents.

Fresh ideas, where art thou?

We have seen this so many times. Indians searching for their roots in the US.
Desis wanting to come back.
'American born Indian kids' and their parents having a large gaping hole between them.
It is time we moved past this stage.
What i have noticed in such movies and books is that
an extra marital affair seeps into the plot.
And someone dies.
I always feel that a writer brings these in only when he/she runs out of ideas.
Or is desperate to create an impact on the viewer without trying too hard.
They know that Indians being the 'gossipy types' will grab on to the story
where there are the 'cheaters' and the 'cheatee'
Pick any Indian author the story is bound to contain a couple swimming but not really drowning mind you, in this whole messy 'affair' soup.

All the characters in the movie hardly smile.
They make the Indians look very dull, morose and serious about life, all the time.

I'm still waiting for a movie made by an Indian that's 'arty' with a lot of drama yet not nauseatingly sentimental.
A story that sits close to your heart without any of those dirty little cheap tricks.
A story that doesn't scream but whispers.

'Life is beautiful''Chocolat' 'Finding Neverland'
Well, you know what i mean right?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Traveling, without moving an inch

A typical Sunday morning at home.

My daughter goes round'n round in her cycle inside the house! not the 3 wheeler, a two-wheeler mind you.
My dad is watching T.V switching between NDTV profit and 'the Cricket channel'
Aravind is with the newspaper. Looks up only when the news on T.V is atleast remotely connected to cricket. And i'm thinking, what to cook?
Dreading to go inside the kitchen with the temp. reaching 40 degrees.

As the song goes ' To have you by my side, all i have to do is dream'
all i need to do, to take a break is pick up my book.
I'm now reading 'The Mayor of Casterbridge'.
I try hard to remember the page no.
I never can, you see. I flip through and i finally reach the page.
It is amazing how the scene suddenly shifts to a different world.
I'm sitting with Mr. Henchard and Farfrae looking at the barn over a mug of hot coffee listening to them intently.
I have travelled back in time, to a place that i have created along with Thomas Hardy ofcourse.
And now, I read. Forgetting where i'm and who i'm.
A willing suspension i should say.
I read on until my present brings me back and i slide into it with ease as well.
Blessed are those who have taken to reading don't you think?
And God bless those who write.