Saturday, April 26, 2008

Updates and more....

So, one really good thing that's come out of my 'hibernation'....(as Nancy has put it! :))
Got to read one month of Calvin & Hobbes in one go! :) he heeeee

Now coming to the promised updates.
Well it has been 3 weeks since i've started working....
I thought it was going to be extremely difficult in the beginning.
Tanya's school, cooking and working, dropping her off in school, picking her up......
But i have to tell you, everything has fallen into it's place
Reaching office in time is something that i'm still working on! *winks*  *winks*

So what am i working as?
'A Recruiter'! in a Consultancy. How rewarding! Yes?
Getting jobs to other people... 
Anybody (living in US) looking for a job in the IT sector, I might be able to help!
I'm serious.
You can reach me at

OK, that apart, I find that lots of mothers who are at the brink of gearing up their careers have read my previous posts, to all of them i want to say that being a little patient 
and staying focussed in finding the right job, HELPS. 
Planning helps.
Starting somewhere helps.
Solving the bottlenecks one-by-one helps.
When everything seems right, you are ready. Then comes the waiting,
networking, ...... all of this helps. But the important thing is ....'don't give up!' 
My my, i sound like one of those 'self-help' guides, right?

mmmmm....... my next few posts are going to be about Tanya and her creativity at school.
It has been such a wonderful experience for her.
So stay tuned!

One thing i missed the most is my beloved blogging and all my fellow bloggies.
From now on, I am going to make it a point to browse from office ;) 
and then delete 'history' he heeee.... need tips from all the legends who've been doing this for quite some time!!