Friday, January 22, 2010

To do list

This is not a post about a long list of things i need to get done.
Because honestly I'm not that busy.

But there is this strange feeling that has been growing in me for a while...

I want to step out of the house and take a long walk. When i mean long, i really mean long. I want to see how far i can walk. I don't want to have a destination in mind. I just want to walk. I think i can walk for 10 miles. I don't mind taking some rest, ideally i wouldn't want to but there are no rules, i can if i really feel like it. So what do you think?
Of course there is this problem of me not good with directions - AT ALL.
But i came across this product on TV that's a kind of GPS that you can carry in hand.
I thought that was a perfect solution.
I have one less thing to worry about - me getting lost and calling Arv!
Next i need to carry my cell phone ( yes, i still think i might get lost!) and some cash / credit card. Want to set out around 10 in the morning.

This idea took hold of me when i finished reading 'The Lord of the Rings'. In there, people walk, i mean they really walk. I felt tired just reading about it and wondered how far i could walk..... Well, guess what i bought some comfortable walking clothes today! Yup! It's still extremely cold so i want to choose a sunny day, when the temp is atleast 4 or 5 degrees. I think that'll be comfortable. Don't want to carry my ipod.

I have one logical problem though, if i do walk as far as i can then how do i walk back? I don't want to decide somewhere in the middle and turn back. I really want to see how far i can go. I don't want to take a cab from there since, this is just idle curiosity and i wouldn't want to pay the cab guy.... and i don't want to go in loops.... you see, the point of this pointless exercise is to see how far i can walk and to not know where i'm heading to. I just want to take left and right as i please...... If you guys have a solution, do let me know.....

Well, i'm excited. Haven't bought the GPS thingy, will buy that soon and then i'm all set i think.....