Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Vacation

About a couple of months back, we had gone for a vacation.

Mumbai> Cochin >Munnar> Allepy > Kumarakom > Cochin > Back Home
Kerala is really the God's own country. Hope you enjoy a tiny part of it here, with me.
Here are a few pics with some description.

Spot ME here!

Lots of such alluring waterfalls enroute Munnar from Kochi. I'm getting into the vacation mood!

We stayed in a wonderful hotel named 'The Tea County' in Munnar

Sounds english right? It looked English and felt like one too. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Me and Aravind enjoyed the typical Kerala massage here. It's a must for all those who enjoy getting pampered and more so for those who don't. You'll realise what you'd been missing so far!

This is the right view from the balcony.

The front overlooks the mountains. Would have loved staying here for eternity, sharing my days with those magnificient trees and watching every bud bloom.

After a quiet morning, sipping tea and watching the sunrise, we were ready for a little excitement. We took a boat ride in a lake in Munnar.

Tanya was all excited after this photo. She looks a bit scared here. That's calm before the storm ;)

This is another spot for a Kashmiri boat ride. We skipped that but just look how amazing the place is.

Spot Aravind here!

After this we were off to the misty mountains. Lot of winding roads, but in the end we reached a spectacular spot and literally took a walk in the clouds.

It is kind of curious when you can't see how deep the valley runs. I always imagine it to be extremely deep! ;)

Can you see that house in the edge of the cliff?
I wonder how it would feel living there?

Next day was our trip to 'Aanamala' ( elephant-mountain), a 45 mins bus drive from the town Munnar. Private cars aren't allowed here.

Just look at the backdrop.

Close your eyes,
turn any which way and open your eyes for a brand new magnificient view.

There will be a part 2 to this in a short time.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Droplets, pearls and the likes

I believe there are little droplets of untouched part in everybody’s life.
You know a memory that only you can have
A feeling that only you can remember
A place that brings a kind of emotion that can never be expressed.
These little pearls are so important to us don’t you think?
They inspire us to write, to create, to think, to paint, to experience poetry,
to feel the music or to simply smile.
The exact sequence of a particular memory gives such pleasure
It always keeps you in your wonder mood.
Will there be any experience more superior to this.
Is this the zenith?
The sequence of these incidents in the memory cannot change of course.
It is like the little box of assorted things that you collected when you were a school kid.
It was so important to have the whole collection.
Not one can miss from it.
Everyday you open the box to check if everything is there.
You have your favourites there too.
The ones that should never be lost.
But they did.
Like memories.
You lost your favourite ones to be replaced by new ones.
And then there comes a time
After very many years your old favourite thought shows up.
Your lost memory comes back.
A mixture of old and new.
A poetry in mind.
A wave in creation.
A beautiful mind. Of course it’s beautiful.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Her treasures...

Torn hutch bill (she likes the logo. My guess is because it looks like 3 birds flying)

The red outer Kit Kat cover ( colour perhaps)

Broken pens ( no clue why)

Tissue paper, torn to pieces ( mmmm.... maybe she feels all powerful tearing it to pieces)

Yesterday's cooked rice which is all dried up ( i tried it and found that it gets kinda chewy when you put it in the mouth!)

My hair clips. ( sole purpose of driving me nuts ;) and she tries it on secretly in front of the mirror he he heee)

Aravind's car keys ( purely to drive him nuts!! i like that)

House key!! ( tries to lock the already locked door from the inside!)

T V Remote ( shows who the real master is)

At any point of the day one can find atleast one of these in her hands.
One gets the feeling that it is difficult to raise babies right. You bet it is.

But....... think again....... 6 months back....her treasures were.......

used banish mosquito mat
soap water
any dirt lying around that'll fit into her mouth

All of the above has only one purpose
goes straight into the mouth and gets chewed or washed in until it gets unrecognisable
and a temperature of 101 the same night is a sure thing.

By the way the temperature always shows up at night, always!

Now am i not in a better position
Her 'purposes' have changed with her treasures.
Less of doctors and medicines and more of searching for things. But that's ok.

mmmm....i don't think i need to worry for a few years,
well,.... atleast until her treasure turns to the one and only all powerful plastic card that every woman loves to carry in her purse ;)

PS: Yes, am writing again. I hope to see a better 'me' this time.