Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Laughing....... is a good thing! ;)

For this and this post alone I wish all who come here
do not keep abreast with all the desi news that runs around in the internet.
'cos i want to do the honors....... :)
This one tops it all, if you ignore the bit of cruelty that resides in this situation that is!

Well, sometime last month, a desi woman, a punjabi i think got arrested in Canada!
Actually got arrested twice!!!
She's been living there for 5 years now. A Ph.d holder et al. 
So what made the seemingly sane woman, look like a fool. What do you think...? the typical desi way, that's what....

She apparently wanted to impress the Premier (a political post in Canada) of Ontario Province. So when she heard the Premier say that he likes Gulab Jamun, our Ma'am sent a Gulab Jamun mix to the Premier. Since he wasn't available, she left it with his staff and later emailed the Premier asking/(checking up on his staff) if he'd received it? 

And then she did something more 
She wrote in the email "If she didn't give it to you, I'd kill her" 
("Main use maar daloongi" thing that we say 'innocently' at home!!!!!!!!)

Now obviously it is clear now that this is not something that the Canadians say 'innocebtly everyday at home! 
She gets arrested in the typical FBI fashion, gun men showing up arresting her without explanation!! he he heeeeee. Sorry but can't help it. 
She's one clueless desi woman i say. Well the drama doesn't end here.....
after 6 hrs of crying, her husband bails her out only for her to mail the 'Premier' again apologizing for her behavior and gets arrested once more for breaching the bail conditions!
And now the judge recommends a psychiatric help for our poor Neelam Vir.

Well what can i say, world sometimes conspires just to make us laugh and cringe a little bit

PS: So why this particular topic?? All that surrounds me now never tries to hide the fact that I'm from a different world living in a stranger's land.
And yes, it feels great to be back :)