Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Move on

Do you know what's gonna come out of all this?
You'll move on. Albeit with some difficulty.
Do you know what 'move on' means?
Waiting and dealing with a much bigger problem than the one you are presently facing.
Actually, wait, it just has to be newer. Not even bigger
Yes, that's it.
After that the old one becomes a memory whooosh..

Moving from one problem to the other.
That is all life is!

I thought i had a huge problem until my daughter came down with a high
fever and constipation.
Do you know what this can do to a parent?
Flush down all other bloody unworthy problems.
Yeah, that's how powerful it is!
I almost sound glad, ain't i?
Now that's a problem. Am i a sick sick person? uh?
(Note: To all those who are wondering how she is doin?
She is getting better)
(Note: To all those who weren't wondering, let's move on)

Friday, October 26, 2007


I never imagined i would be writing about a sport, any sport for that matter
ever. It has never inspired me enough to write about. But you see paradox never ceases to be a part of me :)

Standing before you as an American football fan.
New England 'Patriots' is my favourite team.
New York 'Giants' come second but that has got to do with
the fact that they are closest to my new 'Hometown' i suppose.

Questions like what does it take to be a Quarterback?
A Running back? pop into my head.
I genuinely admire the game.
I who was just a notch above a sports hater!
Can't take it for more than 45 minutes.
Used to be a fickle minded cricket lover. Never gave my heart to it completely.
Used to enjoy tennis only if the game is exceptionally good
or the player is!

When i was reading 'Playing for pizza' i did not realise i was beginning to like the sport. It happened so unconsciouly.
The novel is full of descriptions about American Football since the lead is a professional NFL Quaterback who is playing in Italy and for Italy!
Thankfully i have a living, walking sports dictionary at home.
I was eating his head until I
graduated from an illeterate to a... grade B i suppose in about 4 days.
( yes i'm just trying to be modest ;))

Hate to be a book spoiler, so nothing much about the book itself.
Looks casual, is meant for casual reading but had the power to convert me!
It is fun. Real fun.
Lots and lots of food, wine, Opera and CHEESE,
I would've added pounds just reading about them.
A sneak peak into the real Italy with its people in flesh and blood.

Yes, give it up fellas, give it up for American Football!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Story so far...

here is a quick update and a post too.

I've moved from Mumbai to NJ.
I've lived here before so didn't expect anything new
But it turns out that it is really interesting this time around.
i've taken a few fotos and as usual thoughts to accompany them,
i will be posting them sometime in the future.

After the initial setting up of the house, me, Aravind and Tanya took a trip to Chicago(later about the trip)
On my way back, i picked up a couple of novels.
1. Khalid Hosseini's - A thousand splendid Suns.
2. John Grisham's - Playing for pizza

i had exactly 3 minutes to select and bill before boarding
so my usual discretion was absent and i simply bought the book by its cover
( no pun intended)

If Hosseini turns out dissappointing i had plan B and that was Grisham.
First of all Hosseini's story had the present day Afghan back ground
which i tend to avoid whenever i can.
A fiction according to me should take me elsewhere.
I don't like being reminded of the present day cruel world.
I read about them in newspapers and watch them on TV so enough already!
But i had underestimated the power of great story telling.
It was simply beautiful.
When the novel ended i wished it hadn't, i wanted it to go on.
i had picked that book because the title 'A thousand Spendid Suns'
sounded very poetic and different.
It so happens that it was taken from one of Khalil Gibran's poems.
One of the great poetic minds of many that Afghan has produced.
This book has politics, hopes of a child, innocence of first love, the brutal truth
of a woman's condition elsewhere in the world, justification of a murder, punishment for the same, the life of a muslim man and a woman in comparison, the hopes
of people shattered in a jiffy only to be rekindled by the turn of events which is beyond an ordinary man's control.
Every time Hosseini mentions 1996 .. 1999..2000...2001 etc. i couldnt help but recall what was happening in my life then.
I was happily enjoying the vagaries of life with the security of my family, friends and soceity, totally oblivious to the sufferings that was happening elsewhere.
How strange.
How i had everything then and had still craved for more.
What a contrast.
I hear that his 'The kite runner' was a best seller. I want to get hold of that but not yet. i still savour moments from this book every now and then. When i have rerun it many times more in my mind i'll go in search of more splendid moments.