Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not a subscriber....

I realised I don't like to subscribe to websites, blogs, messages, feeds because I like to visit the pages myself and see if there has been an update! Many a times if there are no updates I like to browse the earlier posts and almost always find something interesting to read about....... The downside of course is that you show up late everytime! which could make you look callous and perhaps miss a post or two ..... but how long can one keep up with appearances! :D I like the clicking and waiting and reading and commenting and clicking and browsing and...... well, needless to say I spend a lot of time hopping .... hop hop hop..... before I forget...

Give it up for 'Tendulkar' folks! :) Congrats!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What do you do?

There comes a time in a woman's or a man's or any body's life for that matter when you don't exactly know how to deal with a particular situation / emotion / feeling ........
I was recently touched by such a situation and I am ashamed to say that I scored an abysmal 0/100 :(

By now you guys would have guessed that I cannot say what the situation was but I can say what it did to me and would like to know what you guys do in a similar situation.

Edit: In a nut shell, someone said something to me and it hurt me badly and I couldn't yell back at this person for whatever reasons!

I was on an emotional roller coaster. I felt terrible, disappointed and hurt. The worst part was I didn't know what do about it. It really ate me up. I had to let this feeling take its course and die a natural death which I am proud to say it finally did. May it rest in peace never to get up!

I tried to keep myself engaged with a few activities that I enjoy but it really didn't help. I was aware of its presence and I lost a lot of time just sitting and brooding.

At one point I realized that I wasn't brooding so much over the situation itself but with the fact that after so many years I was still incapable of handling such things properly..... and it led to more brooding and by evening I was all hunched up and bunched up!

So here ends my story..... what a pathetic post! Well, I just thought I could put it up here either to hear people say it happens to me too or provide me with a magical solution if such a time comes to pass in the future..... (I'm hoping it would be option no :2)

PS: This in spite of the fact that I got my own 'Gucci' sunglasses from dear hubs for 'V' day :D :D :D Cheesy I know, but couldn't let it pass....... BTW if you guys are wondering, my particular situation had nothing to do with hubs.... he tried to cheer me up but i wouldn't budge! (did that just rhyme?! eeeks!)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let's call him Mr. White!

After the snow storm. Our first ever snowman :)

Did you notice the snowman turning a wee bit of his cheek to Tanya? ;)

Monday, February 08, 2010

My own 'Kindle'

Ladies and Gentleman... here it is. My own 'Kindle'. Yipee!

I will tell you how i came about to owning one in about a minute, before that comes the story...

When 'Kindle' was first introduced, i was very skeptical, mainly due to the fact that it was new. I generally don't take to new things that easily, bit of a 'old hag' syndrome here... but that's how i felt when the digital book was introduced. Besides i felt the digitalizing of classics especially as some kind of a nameless violation...

But everytime I was in the stores, I invariably wound up in the area where 'E-reader' was around.
I would turn around and say, "Oh! look at that! How in the world did i land up here? Since i'm here and having nothing else to do, let me just see how it works."

Fiddling, fairly impressed, still said, "Hmmmm.... looks nice but wouldn't feel like holding a book now, will it? It's just another technology that's going to die soon"

Once or twice my better half (yes, i honestly think he is better! :)) seeing how i 'accidentally' landed up around 'Kindle like e-reader' every time we went to an electronic store asked, "Are you sure you don't want to buy it? You seem to like it a lot."

Me: How in the world did you ever get that idea? I'm just looking. Just browsing the aisle. Reading a book on a screen will never match up to the real thing... no way.
This pretty much silences 'the man'. Although at hind sight now, I think he seems to be a better judge of me!

So one fine morning, I get a package from someone who had no idea about this constant struggle that had been happening....... Yup, got 'Kindle' as a gift from my dear brother! :) And people i tell you i was super duper happy ..... Thank you bro! Sometimes you don't know how much you really wanted something until you got it.

It has been 5 days since i got 'My Kindle' and the verdict... "LOVE IT"

1. It REALLY does feel like you are reading a book and it is easier since you don't need to remember the page number! *winks*

2. It's extremely light weight, so it doesn't tire your hands.

3. You can lie down and read! Special ((hugs))

4. There are way too many free e-books. I have downloaded many classics for myself.

5. Operating it is simple and it feels like Mac. (A quality i personally endorse)

6. Finally I read somewhere that if you own a kindle/ sony reader, it just means you love technology more than you love books! Personally, this comment was my deterrent. Now I can truly say that this is not at all true. In fact it is quite the opposite.

PS: Kindle, Coffee and Manhattan by the hudson ...... my own heaven!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


If there is one place in the world i'd like to go right now, this'll be it. It was announced today that 'The Wizarding world of Harry Potter theme Park in Orlando, Florida' is opening on the night of the Super Bowl (The final match of the football game).

People i can't tell you how special I would feel to be in the grounds of 'Hogwarts', finally. Although i must admit i'd have loved it if it were in England. No matter, this is no time to brood.

I can enter Ollivander's, buy 'Butterbeer' and ride on a broom and meet 'Sir Nicholas' and i'm sure, the Sorting Hat would be there. Can't wait to try it on. I'm determined to visit the park in it's first year. In Spring 2010 if possible. I hope the magic doesn't fade away, you know, with all the commercializing... I never could visit 'Disney' when i was a kid of 5 or 6. (I'm glad that my little one did), but HP Park would be my Disney :) .... Here take a look....

It's 150 feet tall..... looks awesome doncha think?
I'm happy today :)
PS: I do hope 'Parents' get to sit on all the rides and get to do all the stuff that kids do. If not i'm going to make my daughter call me 'sister' :P