Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Celebrating Life

Often times, there are words and phrases for which you don't know the meaning.
I don't mean the literal meaning of course.

'Celebrating life' for me is one such phrase.
I have been happy, yes, but, what is celebrating life?
It is obviously something much bigger.
Really big while not being obvious, yes?
A very difficult concept to capture.
It is almost like that particular elusive feeling for which there are no words in the English language.
Refuses to be captured in a bottle.
But here, the words are very much there but the meaning, now that's a mystery.
For which I am glad.

Otherwise people wouldn't attempt to capture it.
In music.
In books.
In movies.
Sometimes in life.

I have written about movies before. A few that manages to capture 'that something' in that unique way.

'Amelie' does it exceptionally well. Like a flower that wilts with deliberation. Like a red balloon that flies at will.

The red balloon moves here and there but it is so red. You cannot take your eyes off its redness. Your heart lifts up and you admire it against the blue sky, the gray building, a sudden rain. The red balloon flies.

I am glad it takes a whole movie to capture life while it is celebrating.
I am glad it is made in a language that I do not easily understand.
I am glad there is life beyond English.....